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What are
the benefits?

No longer compromise while investing, with 144 you will have access to innovative impact-driven start-ups that align with your values.

By supporting these projects, you can help drive long-term systemic changes towards a better future.

  • Potential for financial returns
  • Innovation for systematic change
  • Collaborative community
  • Payment gateway / e-wallet
  • Match your investments with your values
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Our Goals

Why choose

Traditional donations lack flexibility, and current impact investing has limitations. With 144, you can make an impact while generating financial returns and collaborating with your community.

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Our Goals

€1B in Funding

Impact-driven & migrant start-ups

10, 000


Funding for startups

Building a strong impact-driven

Building a strong impact-driven start-up means thinking outside the box for funding. Collaborate with SMEs in your sector and seek investment from industry leaders who share your values. This way, you can build a socially responsible start-up that is financially sustainable.

Join the 144 community

Get updates on our latest impact-driven investments and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a difference. Together, we can create positive change and build a better future.

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We connect individual, business and community goals. - Until the success of one reinforces or fosters the success of the other.

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