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Easy and streamlined investment process

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Access to a community of impact-driven businesses

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Exposure to potential customers and partners

How it works


Fill out our online application form and tell us about your startup and its impact-driven mission


Our team of experts will review your application and assess its suitability for our platform

External Due-diligence

After our internal review, an external due-diligence specialist will check the startup’s documentation and founding team to evaluate risk potential as some business types are riskier than others.

Startup is Featured

If the external due diligence is successful, the startup will be featured on our platform, where potential investors have the possibility to invest in it.

Our selection criteria

We meticulously evaluating startups to ensure alignment with our core values. Equipping them with tailored support services, mentorship, and cutting-edge resources.

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Focus on impact

We are looking for startups that are addressing real challenges and have a strong commitment to making a positive impact in people’s lives.

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Focus on financial Returns

We actively seek startups with a growth mindset and a strategic focus on financial sustainability,

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Strong team and business model

We carefully assess startups based on their team dynamics and the viability of their business models.

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Cultural foundation

We look for startups that embody a culture of excellence. We believe that a strong cultural fit lays the foundation for long-term success.

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Our platform offers access to funding, mentorship, and resources to help you grow and achieve your impact and business goals. We are looking for startups in a range of sectors, including:

  • Sustainability & Social Impact
  • Fintech
  • E-Commerce
  • Gaming
  • Retail
  • Fashion & Beauty